Rectangular Hinged Silver Box


We are delighted to have this new box series. Available in 4 sizes and with gold trim as well. Mirrored on the bottom with a beveled lid. Perfect for birthdays, special occasions, prizes, board member name it these boxes might be just the right fit. Nicely priced with plenty of areas for etching. The 8" Rectangular size is shown here.

Price: $22.50 / $28.00 / $33.50 / $39.50
Dimensions (in): 3.25" Square / 3.75" Square / 5.25" Rectangle / 8" Rectangle
Item #: 03610 / 03611 / 03616 / 03617


Please visit the How To Order page. We do not use a cart system because we prefer to touch base with you from the start to make sure you are finding the products best suited for your needs.

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