A Studio of Fine Glass Engraving and Specialized Etching

Carole Kuzmick, owner of The Crystal Touch has been involved in the world of glass and crystal since 1976.  With over 40 years of experience as a master stone wheel engraver, her work graces the homes and offices of clients throughout the United States and Europe.

Always on the look out for the latest styles of glass and crystal, clients continue to come back year after year, knowing they will find something new along side classics.

Her clientele list includes ambassadors, senators, governors and CEO's, yet she always delights in the personal joy of creating a piece for a new born babe, teacher, or deserving coach. Duplicating wedding invitations, announcements and exact signatures are just the beginning of what can be done.

“Most people don't realize they need an engraver in their lives until they have one,” Carole says with a smile.  Gift giving and award presentations take on new meaning when bringing an idea to life on a piece of glass or crystal.

We use Optic, Starfire and Jade Crystal for many of our awards as well as full lead and mouth blown crystal.  You will also find a few machine made glass pieces to round off an incredible selection.

The combination of her hand engraving, sand blasting and stone wheel engraving cover the spectrum for the best possible result.  No matter your budget, we will create a piece to delight the senses. Our ultimate goal is to work with you to produce a piece that will be well received and treasured through the years.

Carole has won numerous contests and has been commissioned throughout the years for her stone wheel engraving expertise.

Guy Harvey has given her permission to engrave several of his pieces for
The Yamaha Contender Miami Billfish Tournament.

Please make an appointment and come by the studio to see her entire inventory when you're in West Palm Beach.  Until then, have fun browsing on the site.

We're here to simplify your busy life and make your engraving ideas come to life.

The prices on the site reflect the cost of the piece alone.

When you're ready to get started, click on the “How to Order” page for all the details.  We can't wait to talk to you soon!

What is on the horizon?  It's all up to your imagination.

Carole's clientele and their personal touch….will always be….

The Heart of The Crystal Touch


Please visit the How To Order page. We do not use a cart system because we prefer to touch base with you from the start to make sure you are finding the products best suited for your needs.